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About us

Culinary Council is privately owned by Andrea and Dave Todd.

Founded in June 2006, the store was opened as part of a retail group, but became an independent soon afterwards.

Along with the name change to Culinary Council there was also a change of direction. Gone were the commercial catering equipment and other product lines.

Our business is now about kitchen and homewares. We realized that our success was about the success of our customers.

The Name

The name Culinary Council describes what our store is all about. Culinary relates to kitchen and cooking while Council is a place of authority, knowledge and advice.
We know that we must make our customers successful, so in order to do this we have what we call the Culinary Council difference.

    * We only sell what we believe in.
    * We test and try most products before we stock them.
    * If it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do we will not stock it, simple!
    * We know about the products we sell, and if we don’t know we will find out.
    * If you can’t find what you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you.
    * If things aren’t right, we will put it right.
    * To help and satisfy a customer is simply not enough, we aim to make our customers successful!

Product Range

We are New Zealands largest specialty kitchenware store, showcasing thousands of quality products across cooking, dining, living and gift categories. We offer a department store size range, and are always on the lookout for things that make the kitchen a pleasant and inspiring place to be. We love finding fun and unusual products to use in your home.

Products have to do what they were designed for, and do it well. If we like them and think that you will too - we will add them to our range.

Along with the essential must have items from the worlds leading brands, we also stock new and innovative products from around the world.

Hands On

We both have a daily hands-on role at Culinary Council, and can on most days be found instore offering that Culinary Council difference.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service in our store and hope that you have the same experience while shopping online.

Thankyou for visiting our website. We truly hope that you enjoy shopping with Culinary Council and look forward to seeing you instore soon.

Dave and Andrea